Thursday, December 30, 2010

Radical bike chopper from Australia - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

To Atomic Zombie: I have been a fan of your sit for a long time. Please find attached some pics of my chopper all the way from Australia. Yours, James Spackman

VATO BIKE by MASOR - AtomicZombie builders gallery


Monday, December 27, 2010

Huffy wheel tribute made from a murray monterey - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

I wish the photos did it justice. I just finished painting my last project, chameleon and black pin stripe on the frame, and everything else was painted a satin color. Sadly enough this bike sold before I could break it in. Notice the gear shifter that works as the front suicide brakes. LOL. I've got three more in the make as we speak. Thanks for posting my pics I love your designs they're really inspirational!  ~ Jason Marler

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Pleasures of an Angle Grinder - Atomic Zombie builders forum

"Where were you folks when I needed you? I retired a couple of years ago after serving as a United Methodist pastor for over 40 years, and I just now discovered the joys of breaking metal apart with an angle grinder. All those years coming home after meetings late at night and I didn't even know about the angle grinder."

Read more and join the discussion: The Pleasures of an Angle Grinder

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Behind Bars: a good thing - Atomic Zombie builders forum

"I just answered a post about bars and thought I might put a post here where it could be found easier. This is old stuff but you can make your bars cool by extending them. You can extend them just shy of hand grips so that the weld can be covered or go wild and make them long. This can be a one of a kind custom set of bars." Read more: Behind Bars: a good thing

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Lightning Begins - AtomicZombie builders forum

"Hi. I am new to the bike building hobby so please excuse my stupid questions. I am building a LWB recumbent that is a cross between the Meridian and the Original Marauder (chain stays are horizontal resulting in a seat height between the two bikes)." More: The Lightning Begins

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check out the rake on this chopper - AtomicZombie builders gallery

Built by Rick Nieting

Motorized HighRoller Short Wheel Base Recumbent - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

Hi Brad & Kat. This is another High Roller that I built and motorized.  ~ Butch

A pair of Ski Bikes - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

We celebrated Christmas early this year (on Sunday the 12th) with my family.

I decided to make a couple of Ski Bikes for my two nephews, as a surprise for them. Here is what they looked like:

Here is how the kids felt about them:

Too bad it has not snowed here in Denver yet. The mountains have tons of snow but still dry here in town. This may change Thursday, we'll wait and see, but the nephews loved the bikes!
taytayou812, AZ Krew

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homemade custom bikes by Jason - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

Here's some of my early stuff. I hope y'all enjoy it.

Here's another rough draft I just finished this morning. I'll send updates as I paint.
~ Jason Marler

Friday, December 10, 2010

Metals4U - recumbent bike project blog

"Having seen some of the projects on the web site I thought I’d add mine too. I have a bad back which has prevented me from riding a ‘normal’ cycle for many years now. I became interested in recumbent cycles and trikes and did some market research only to find that these typically cost £1000 to £4500 - far beyond my budget! I did further research into plans on line and found the Atomic Zombie website ("

Read more: Metals4U - project blog

Builder Feedback -

“I'm a great fan of your site, and have already purchased about 9 sets of plans, just to drool over.

I am currently building my first recumbent trike, a Delta Wolf with underslung handlebars. In the meantime, I am riding a commercially made "granny trike" picked up used here in Edmonton, Alberta. It's only got a Sturmey Archer 3-speed. I plan to add two or three sprockets plus a derailleur to the pedal crank to give a bit more gear options for speed as well as hill climbing.

I used to be a working electrical engineer; I am now sidelined at 53 by chronic migraines, and retired on a teensy weensy disability pension (that's Canada for you). I am no longer allowed to ride two-wheelers - I had two bad crashes because of balance issues related to my illness, and enough was enough.

I saw your Thanksgiving special, and ordered six more sets of plans, including the electric pusher trailer. I will be building one of these, but with two rear wheels instead of one.

I happen to have two 4-bolt utility trailer wheels going spare, and a 0-100 volt DC motor and controller, which came out of some kind of treadmill. Power is about 1 kW. With 48 volts of batteries, which I also have hanging around, it will probably go about 50 km/h and have plenty of power.

Princess Auto sell the drive plates to make trailer wheels into driven wheels, as well as weld-on hubs that mate to the drive plates for various shaft sizes, and also to sprockets or pulleys as well). Using two wheels on the trailer, still fairly narrow, will also allow using a ball hitch, and I'm adding a 1" hitch pocket to both my granny trike and the DeltaWolf under construction. Need a bigger  suspension spring, though.

With the DeltaWolf still on the welding table, I am bitten badly by the "next" bug. Since I am older, disabled, and lazy, I may build either one of these, or a LodeRunner, and add a 49cc gasoline assist motor I seem to have acquired along the way for hills. Edmonton's river valley hills are no joke.

After that, I will be building a tandem delta for my cousin and his wife, who live on the shores of Shuswap lake, and whose primary transport on the water is a paddle boat. What could be more appropriate?

Anyhow, thanks for all of your wonderful ideas and great designs. I am inspired to innovate again, after the crushing experience of having to give up my research into alternate energy fuels and ignition for cold climates.

 Best regards, Jim Dawe, Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks for your email, Jim. Stay warm! Keep us posted on your projects.

Grinder Safety Tip of the Day - Atomic Zombie™ Extreme Machines Builder's Forum

Grinder Safety Tip of the Day

Thursday, December 9, 2010

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December newsletter online

The last Atomic Zombie newsletter of 2010. Features include:
  • ET bike
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This and archived newsletters are on the AtomicZombie web site under News & Blog.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mini tadpole trike - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

"Hi guys. Here are some pics of a mini tadpole I made for my 5 year old son for Christmas. Specs are:  20 inch rear / 12 inch fronts, single speed  with coaster brake, slide adjustable seat for when he grows. Cheers, Paul Mimmack (New Zealand)"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

$4.99 DIY bike plans - recumbents, tandems, choppers, trikes, scooters, ebikes, trailers...

Greetings fellow bike hackers, builders and cyclists. Many of you asked us to extend our Thanksgiving promotion, so we did!

It's our way of saying thanks for helping to keep the Atomic Zombie spirit alive online and around the world. Cheers, friends.

Click on BIKE PLANS in the top menu bar.
Choose 6 bike plans (add each one to cart).
When you have 6 plans in your cart, the special appears:

Cost per item is $4.99
Your total is $29.94 USD
Checkout with PayPal or credit card.

All of our plans are delivered as PDF files containing high resolution images and diagrams for optimal viewing and printing.

Once you have checked out, an email will be sent to your email address connected to your PayPal account. This email will contain download links that will remain valid for up to seven days. Please click on the download link and immediately download the PDF to your computer hard drive.

Important: Ensure that your PayPal account has your current and valid email address, or you will not be able to receive the download links containing the plan(s) in a timely manner.

If you do not receive the email containing the download link(s) within 48 hours of your successful order, it is possible that your email provider's filters have incorrectly flagged the message. Please check your email blocked/spam folder before contacting our Customer Service department.

Some email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail have aggressive spam filters that inadvertently put legitimate messages in blocked/spam folders unless you customize the software's filtering options yourself. Please refer to your email service provider's Help/FAQs topics for instructions.

PDF files open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, a program this is most likely installed on your computer. Or, click here to download the latest Acrobat Reader program. It's free.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Homemade chopper trikes - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

"Here's a photo of me and my trikes."

Homemade handcycle - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

"My very first try at building a handcycle, coaster brakes, one speed (though planning 8sp internal hub). It's pretty easy to put on wheelchair and remove. Feels great nice to steer.  Bad pictures but I don't have a camera. I hope these make it on your site. Thank you.  ~  Andrew Reinholt"

E-Goat electric bike - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

"Hello. I built the E-Goat using parts from an old Honda MR-50 and several BMX frames and front ends.  It uses a Scott 1HP permanent magnet motor and Curtis 1206 controller, running at 36V.  It really moves out and is a blast to ride!  Your Sparky and Speedster plans were an inspiration and I plan to make more interesting vehicles.  Thanks, Scott Cameron"