Monday, October 31, 2011

AZTV video tutorial - Head Tube Bearings

 Head Tube Bearings

This basic tutorial will demonstrate the workings of a typical bicycle threaded head tube set, showing the removal and installation of the various components that make up a head tube set. 

Although there are slight size differences between different manufacturers, the basic principles of operation and assembly are virtually the same. 

This and other free bike building basics videos at:

Long John Beer Hauler - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Me and the Beer Hauler." ~ Robert Purcell, USA

That's awesome Robert! Love the handlebar kickstand, too! 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Joe's six bike chopper - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Hey there. This is one of my bikes. I'm 16 and built it out of almost six different bikes! And, of course, a cheap Canadian Tire paint job."  ~ Joe Nelson-Hachey

Great looking bike, Joe!  

Mike's handmade cargo bike - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Made one similar to your Flying Dutchman, but as you can see its a step through, us old folks cant get the leg over. Regards, Mike."

Hammerhead style quad bike - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Kat & Brad. Here is a picture of my wife's bike I built for her. It was originally a Hammerhead trike, but I added the rear trike kit to make it a 4 wheeled bike. Thank you guys for such a terrific site and forum for us to learn and display our creations. Thanks again.

Taylor Christensen
Centennial Colorado.
A.K.A. taytayou812"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Handmade bike choppers - AtomicZombie builders gallery


Jason's handmade cargo bike - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Hey Brad been awhile since I sent something in! So with out further wait here's my new cargo-bike I made!"  ~ Jason Marler

Jack's handcycle trike Eastern Ukraine - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Donor bikes are hard to come by in Eastern Ukraine, but I finally managed to find enough components to built this Atomic Zombie influenced trike. Our friend with disabilities has been getting a lot of good taking it out for a spin."  ~ Jack Long

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

James' slick chopper - AtomicZombie builders gallery

“My name is James. I have been into bicycles for about 27 yrs and year after started to do distant riding with a few mates only 42 km to the next town through hills one trip.

In 1995 I was run over by a drunk driver and only suffered from minor broken bones cuts and bruises memory problems (only a problem as I have getting older and the brain still thinks the body is young) and have had back problems since.

Later that year, a mate and me started to build a quad but our life's took different paths.Many years later, I was watching a video on YouTube about a dude who was in a car accident and has had back problems and built a chopper cycle. 

After that, I searched online and found AZ started to build a recumbent, but did not get too far before I started to build my chopper. Now working on building my second chopper in between finding work spending time with the wife and kids, working on the kids bikes and looking after my snake.”

Recumbent trike from Spain - AtomicZombie builders gallery

Casimiro Rivas Rodriguez, Sevilla Spain

Seville (play /səˈvɪl/, Spanish: Sevilla, IPA: [seˈβiʎa]; see also different names) is the artistic, historic, cultural, and financial capital of southern Spain. It is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalusia and of the province of Seville. It is situated on the plain of the River Guadalquivir, with an average elevation of 7 metres (23 ft) above sea level. The inhabitants of the city are known as sevillanos (feminine form: sevillanas) or hispalenses, following the Roman name of the city, Hispalis. The population of the city of Seville was 704,198 as of 2010 (INE), ranking as the fourth largest city of Spain.  ~ Wikipedia

Classic tandem quadcycle Wales circa 1940s

"Kia Ora. Thought you might be interested of this photo of my mum, (aged 17), & her mum riding one of the quads from Butlin's holiday camp in Pwhelli, Wales in 1948. Came to New Zealand in 1952." ~ Barry T.

That's awesome, Barry. Thanks for sharing.

Monday, October 17, 2011

AZ newsletter Oct. 17 - AZTV video tutorial & Builders Gallery updates

This week's newsletter includes a new AZTV tutorial, Bicycle Bearing Basics, and lots of new submissions to the Builders Gallery: trikes, recumbents, choppers and more.

Check out the new additions to the Atomic Zombie family.

This and other AZ newsletters can be found here.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bicycle Bearing Basics video tutorial - AZTV

This basic tutorial will demonstrate how to remove, grease, and assemble bicycle ball bearings. Although the bearings in a bicycle vary in size from component to component, the installation and maintenance are the same. The following steps will use the ball bearings from the head tube and bottom bracket as an example. Wheel hub bearings are also the same, although smaller in diameter.

This and other free bike building basics videos at

Offer I can't refuse

"Thursday night I went to the local community bike shop here in Detroit, Michigan to volunteer for parts. I had been one other time over year before. That time I worked a couple of hours and got a discount on a some parts. Since then, they have made more official polices for volunteering. The guy in charge last night told me, work for two hours, get a part. Then, he dropped a bombshell."

Read more... Offer I can't refuse

Free bike building video tutorials

Amsterdam hand made bikes - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Hey guys. Nice to see there are more crazy people like me doing stuff that isn't understood.

Here are pictures of my two bikes.The first one I ride practically every day to work and everything.

The second, 100% stainless steel, is still a bit under (eternal) construction and is getting mudflaps and cargo thingies.  Update coming when finished! Ruut Evers, Amsterdam, Holland"

Excellent handmade bikes, Ruut! Love the curves in the frame. Cheers.

Handmade trikes, recumbents and choppers - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Here's a pic of the trike I built for my daughter. Greetz, JJ"

"Attached is a picture of my version of the Voyageur. I downloaded the plans in July and just finished it. I have less than 20 miles on it, but it rides smooth. And, I’ve already started on the Warrior tadpole. Thanks, John"

Location USA
My name: Masor
Name of Bike: White Powder Bike II

Starting my Loderunner

"Ok, I am at the point of installing the pillow blocks. I do have a question about the placement of them. Yes, I know they are slotted for adjustment. However, I don't see anything in the plans about alignment with the centerline of the trike.

"To me, that would be of fairly high importance, to ensure the trike rides straight, rather than having a slight sideways "crablike" ride. In automotive terms this would be called thrust angle alignment. Making sure that the placement of the axle in as close as possible to 90* of the centerline would go a long way to reducing any tire scrub and rolling resistance."

Read more and join the discussion:  Starting my Loderunner

Friday, October 7, 2011

AZ newsletter for Oct. 8 - AZTV & The Lost Files Part 2

Also in this issue, Part 2 of The Lost Files: TriTanic Tandem


This and archived Atomic Zombie newsletter are here:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fishmouth Cutting Tutorial - Bravo!

"Just finished going through the latest AZTV production on cutting fishmouths in tubing.

BRAVO! A great tutorial, well presented, excellent video."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Basic Fishmouth Cutting Tutorial

This basic tutorial will cover cutting a simple 90 degree fishmouth into round and square tubing. A fishmouth is a semi circular cut taken at the end of a tube so that it can be joined to another round tube. In bicycle frame building, it is often necessary to cut several fishmouths into the ends of the steel tubing where the head tube or bottom bracket will be installed.

More on this and other AZTV tutorials are here

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mattia's sick bike choppers - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"La fantasia se si ha bisogna farla vedere al mondo. Mattia Mazzon."

Ron's StreetFox Tadpole Trike - AtomicZombie builders gallery

"Dear Sirs: I've attached a couple of pics from the trike I built (my first ever) from your StreetFox plans. The plans were great! Good detail and easy to follow. It was a fun project. My wife and I really enjoy riding it.

One question: What causes the front-end shake over 10mph? I checked and rechecked the angles and the toe-in (I have 1/16"). Thanks for the plans and your service. Ron Stump"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Question to owners of motorized vehicles

 "Hello. This is a general question. Do you know how to fix your electric motor or gas engine if it breaks down? Are your local bike shops willing to repair your motors or engines? Or do you paid a service warranty and mail it back to the company when it breaks down?"

Read more and join the discussion here.