Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cool gear - shirts, mugs, Sigg bottles, decals, stickers and more

We keep getting requests to get more stickers and shirts made, but it costs too much for us to get a bunch done and ship out, so we teamed up with Cafe Press to offer a variety of goods - T-shirts, mugs, Sigg water bottles, bumper stickers, decals, BBQ aprons.

More product lines will be available within the next two weeks. There will also be black shirts and more T-shirts for all of you chopper, tandem, trike, tall bike and electric vehicle folks available next week.

We've tried to come up with designs to suit a variety of interests and styles: bike builders and riders, garage hackers, tall bikes, recumbents, choppers, trikes, tandems, electric bikes, etc.

Check out what we have so far and send us your suggestions for products and/or designs/slogans that you'd like.