Monday, December 21, 2009

An Australian chopper makes its debut

One of our long-time forum members, savarin, has finished his chopper and joined other bike freaks for a Christmas parade in their hometown. Check out his awesome new creation! Excellent work, buddy.

The bottom bearing on the rear 1" fork leg is a short length of saddle post with a nut welded inside at each end, the bit welded to the bottom of the leg is a short length of the tube the saddle tube slides in.

One side bolted to the rocker, the other has a large washer of the same diameter as the outer tube bolted on to prevent the leg from sliding off the bearing. A bit of brass shim to take up the play.

The bottom of the suspension tube has a short length of the same diameter tube welded to it, filed to get the clearance of the un-threaded part of the bolt. This bolt of almost the correct diameter screwed into the rocker arm and again the slack taken up with brass shimming.

You can easily see how short the actuating arm really is and how I had to bend the reaction arm to give clearance for the inside nut holding the suspension bearing on.

A couple more views from the rear: