Saturday, September 18, 2010

KURURU one Warrior recumbent tadpole trike in Argentina - Atomic Zombie builders forum

Well friends, the kururu one is 100% finish i have any problems with the paint bad today I ride all the day with any problems.I attach two pictures take today.  ~  Carlos Daniel 
Hello my name is Carlos Daniel and I live in Argentina, this is my first message to the forum. I have 55 years and I'm building my warrior tadpole. The name he has is Kururu is the name of the frog in the Guarani language of my native town.

Attached several photographs of the construction, the pipes are 3.5 cm., and use the V-brakes. The weight so far is 20 kg. and has the first coat of primer. I hope to finish by the end of August. Any question or suggestion for the good coming. I write in Spanish and its English translation through the google translator.