Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Costa Rica Choppers - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

Hello Atomic Zombie. It's a pleasure to contact you and send my last three year's projects. I'm from Costa Rica riding bicycles all my life.

Starting in street at age 20, then a mountainbike, and now trying to make my own bikes.

I'm sending you my only four  projects. Right know I'm starting with a cuatricycle project.

I have been watching your article of "no lathe hubs." It's a lot of motivation, with your permission I will like to use that system.

Thanks a lot! Still have to figure out the front wheels system. I'm just working on that right now. Will send you pictures. Hope to be in contact.

TINTASANGREdise├▒o, Erick

  Excellent bikes, Erick. Please send us more pictures of your great bikes. Gracias!