Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Builders gallery updates, Freak Bike Militia

Added more choppers, trikes and recumbents to the Builders Gallery today: . There are some really incredible bikes out there, and many talented home builders either building exactly from the plans, or making their own modifications to suit their individual needs and styles. Below is a trike similar to the LodeRunner Cargo Trike built by "Moon".

Check out the gallery and see the hundreds of cool bike projects. Be sure to stop by the Builders Forum and find out what projects our dedicated AZ Krew is working on these days.

The Freakbike Militia Golden Horseshoe Cruisers are holding their 4th Annual Hamilton Beach Cruise and Can-Am Challenge, July 17 and 18. The fun filled weekend includes pixie bike racing, social cruises, prizes and more. For information, contact . Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines will be sponsoring this event again this year. There will be AZ gear given away as prizes.

If all goes well, garage cleaning will begin this weekend. So far, no more snow is in the forecast. The streets have been swept, so maybe I'll get my DeltaRunner on the road this weekend. That would be shaweeeet!

Cheers, friends.