Friday, May 22, 2009

Builders gallery updates, Terminator Chopper, Arcturus Human and Solar Powered Motorhome

After days of rain, hail and wind, the sun has finally come out in full force. Let's hope it sticks around for awhile. Not good weather for bike riding. My poor DeltaRunner Trike is still sitting in the garage awaiting its maiden voyage this year. The forecast looks good all weekend, though, so who knows. Maybe take my camera and go for a ride along the limited recreation trails we have around here.

The thing that sucks the most is you get into the groove, enjoying the scenery and fresh air, then suddenly the trail ends and you're faced with four lanes of traffic. Um, did no one think ahead before designing the trail system? Methinks not. There are supposedly plans to extend the system, but I'm not holding my breath.

Most cyclists here refuse to ride on the road, preferring to take the sidewalks whenever possible. Although there's a by-law against this, you have to weigh the consequences, breaking the by-law vs. risking your life by riding on the road. Let's face it, with today's distractions, traffic congestion, and road construction, drivers have enough trouble getting from point A to point B, let alone pay attention to the road and cyclists. I'm not sure if this summer I will be converted to a sidewalk cyclist or not.

In the meantime, the Builders Gallery was updated this week with 17 new entries choppers, quads, trikes, tandems, trailers, long wheel base recumbents, electrics and fun bikes. Below are a few newest additions to the Atomic Zombie family. Check out all of the amazing builds at .

We were very impressed to see this OverKill style chopper built by Dan of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Another cool project was submitted by Mike of El Paso, Texas, who uses his bike daily for work, so he built a practical trailer to haul his work equipment.

And, this StreetFighter style quadcycle by Ron of Michigan:

Work continues on the Terminator Chopper, as well as Arcturus. Still working on the Arcturus web site. It is taking longer than expected. This weekend will be devoted to the Terminator Chopper build, though. And, stay tuned for the June newsletter, which will be online next week.

Have a safe long weekend to our friends in the USA as you celebrate Memorial Day on Monday the 25th. See you back here safe and sound.

Cheers, friends.