Monday, January 4, 2010

Greetings from Germany

This email from Klaus D. in Hannover, Germany (some editing was needed due to translation issues):

"Hallo from Germany. I am Klaus. I build bike choppers like Atomic Zombie. I will send you pictures when I paint them. I go on the bike building forum and get too many ideas, then I change my mind! There are so many excellent ideas there. Many bike builders who help other people like me. I learn a lot about welding and it is helping me build better choppers. I'm working on a recumbent chopper and got many ideas from other bike builders. It is a nice group of people. That is so great you have a bike building community like that!

Thank you for the great web sites. I like the new Atomic Zombie web site, too. It is much better than the one you had before. It is easy to use and I like those discounts, too. Now I can buy more plans and build more bikes!

Happy New Year to my Atomic Zombie friends. I will be talking with you in the forum.

Your friend, Klaus D."

Thank you, Klaus. We look forward to seeing your bike projects. Feel free to post about your bike building progress in the forum, too, so we can see what you're building. Thanks for your feedback about the new AZ web site. Happy New Year!