Monday, September 5, 2011

Eric's many handmade bikes choppers - Part 2

SPINBIKE: For this project, I got the inspiration of the Atomic Zombie Spincycle Stunt Tryke. Just tried something different to the design. This is total fun bicycle.

MONTAƑERA-TANDEM: This was a full suspension iron frame. Added three extension pipes, big tires, grey paint, and a xtreme look. The result for enduro, cross country, road, grass, uphill, and tropical rain conditions. Three weeks of work.

 MOUNTAIN-CHOPPER: This was a 24 cheap mountain bicycle. Changed angles, added extension pipes, hacked the fork, mountain 24" rough wheels,and motorcycle handlebar, all in orange and black. Made this mountain-coaster an all-terrain-chopper.

PSEUDOCHOPPER: This is an upgrade experiment of the clown bike. Now it's more rideable and sporty. Solved some fork travel problem by cuttting the fork pipe.