Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starting my Loderunner recumbent trike

"What I meant by the opening comment on that last post is that I'm out there in that, working on my trike. It is nice though, to have a warm place to come in out of it once in a while. I am thankful of that! And also mindful of those that DON'T have that available to them.

Since I have been having trouble getting my hub disks wobble free trying to weld them to a horizontal shaft, it finally occurred to me that I do have extra pillow blocks. Clamp one to any surface to hold the shaft vertical, and let gravity help to keep the disk flat. I do risk heat damage to the bearing seal by using the extended face of the bearing to support the disk while tacking it in place on the shaft, it is a risk I'm willing to take for a better finish. I'm able to use the setscrews for the bearing to hold the shaft in the perfect position."

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LodeRunner recumbent cargo trike

The LodeRunner Recumbent Cargo Trike is a comfortable and rugged all-purpose human powered trike designed to combat the ever increasing price of gasoline, while at the same time giving its pilot a great low impact workout. Because the seat is at a height similar to that of an automobile, the LodeRunner is easy to mount, and puts you at eye level with many motorized vehicles on streets and roads. The LodeRunner Recumbent Cargo Trike weighs under 80 pounds fully built, yet it can easily carry a load of 500 pounds. Stopping power is smooth and complete due to dual rear disc
brakes, and the handling characteristics are predictable and smooth.

The LodeRunner Recumbent Cargo Trike is also easy and inexpensive to build, since it requires only a few small machined parts and common hardware and cycle components. You will require only a basic welder, an angle grinder, hand drill, and the usual hand tools in order to create you own LodeRunner trike. Thanks to the simple single boom flat frame, you can easily modify the width or length of the LodeRunner Recumbent Cargo Trike to modify it to your own needs. The
LodeRunner could easily become a fully faired velocar, pedicab, multi-rider vehicle, or practically any other human or electric assist vehicle you can imagine.

The LodeRunner Recumbent Cargo Trike frame is extremely durable, yet light due to the thin walled square tubing design. There is only a single machined part on the entire vehicle - a small freehub axle adapter. Even the wheels are off-the-shelf parts, so you will not have to searcy for exotic or expensive components to build your own cargo trike. There is plenty of room for modifications, and anyone with a welder and basic tools can complete this project.

Take a look at our Builder's Gallery to see other LodeRunner Recumbent Cargo Trike examples, including many creative modifications to the plan. Our international builders community ranges from students to retired engineers, but they all have one thing in common - the desire to build their own stuff!