Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trikes, trikes and more trikes!

Besides choppers, we're getting a whack of gallery submissions for trikes. Here are some recent additions of these three wheeled wonders to the Atomic Zombie family of home built bikes:

Soon to be completed! WOLF of Mich.

David Cole
Suffolk, England

Dewey Johnson

Hey, my name is Francis Labbe, I'm from Sherbrooke City, Quebec, Canada.
This is my project named FL500. Thanks!

Fritz Schantz: Artie's warrior is complete!
Did headtube steering to keep cable mess to a minimum.
The seat is hinged off of the wheel booms and sprung at the back mount.
Thanks for the awesome plans!

This is my version of the Warrior trike.
 P.S. It rides great.
Deltona, Florida