Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NEW DIY Plan - The Aurora Delta Racing Trike

Typically, high performance trikes have been of the tadpole type (two wheels in the front), but the Aurora shatters this stereotype with its ultra low seating position and amazing corning abilities. With our easy-to-follow DIY delta trike plans, you can build your own racing delta trike using typical bicycle components and steel tubing, and you can do so at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent factory produced trike.

Under seat steering offers complete control over the handling at any speed and places your arms in a comfortable and relaxed position. For rugged terrain, the Aurora is equipped with rear suspension and a low climbing gear range that will smooth out the ride and allow you to climb hills with ease. All of the steering parts used on our DIY racing trike are standard bicycle components.


The Aurora Racing Delta Trike is a low and laid back recumbent trike will perform equally well on both the road and the trail. The low center of gravity allows the Aurora to race into corners at full speed, hugging the road like a performance race car while you keep on pedaling. You can also cheat the wind thanks to the aerodynamic recumbent seating position.

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