Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Homemade FWD Recumbent Lowracer

Bike builder Swizz69 of England, UK, shares photos of his recently built recumbent lowracer @ the AtomicZombie builders gallery. It's a beauty!

"Whilst not a AZ design, it was built with much Zombie inspiration, with 40mm mild steel tube frame and fwd forks, Ocean Cycles seat, Tandem Stem, Sturmey Archer drum braked hubs, Marathon Racer tyres. (It) rides nice and the front wheel drive works well."

"I mounted the panniers reversed so the heel cutout faces the rear. Apart from looking better it keeps more of any weight carried within the wheelbase. On a grocery trip with both bags loaded the bike handled fine, if not slightly better."


What a great-looking recumbent. Kudos on your fabulous project!