Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wife's Hammerhead trike - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

"Hi guys! Here are a few pictures of my wife’s bike / trike I built for her. We would love to see them in the gallery.

I always liked the look of the Hammerhead since I got Brad’s books. I knew someday I would build one.  A little while back my wife had a hip replaced and I wanted to build her a bike to ride once she was ready to ride again.

But balancing a bike with two wheels was a bit of an issue, so this was a perfect time to build her a new ride where she did not have to worry about balancing on just two wheels. One where she could just start and stop and never have to put a foot down.

The Hammerhead design was a perfect choice. Giving me a chance to build one I wanted to build, and making it different from all the other three wheelers out there.

The whole build was a secret to her and I wanted to surprise her for her birthday with it. It was a surprise and she loves it! All of her friends love it too!

Thank you for the inspiration and all  your great bikes and projects, along with all the terrific work you do. I love the site and I go to the forum at  least once a day. In the forum I’m taytayou812.

I have several other bike projects in the works right now. One is a Delta Runner trike for her, and two for me, a Meridian bike and a Gladiator trike for myself. Hopefully I’ll get them done in time to enjoy them this summer. Thanks again.  ~ Taylor Christensen"