Sunday, August 7, 2011

Working In The Field - Atomic Zombie TV

Atomic Zombie TV

We have recently launched a new AZ initiative - Atomic Zombie TV or AZ TV.

We have been talking about putting DIY bike building vids online for several years, and decided it's now or never.

Still without a house, we are still working in our camper, tents and aging buildings, but thought working on some videos would help lighten the atmosphere as the temperatures soar some days that our keyboards begin to melt. Plus, intense lightning, tornado and hail warnings and storms that surround us without warning . It has been an interesting and challenging summer so far.

But, we are determined more than ever to forge ahead with more projects following the recently released TimberWolf Recumbent Delta Trike.

AZ TV will include bike building tips, tutorials, mini documentaries and fun stuff. We're new to this type of video producing so bear with us. We have a lot to learn!

As always, we welcome your suggestions for webisodes.

Stay tuned to the Atomic Zombie builders forum and Atomic Zombie TV YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoy watching our adventures and learn more about the wonderful world of building your own bikes.

Cheers, friends.