Saturday, September 3, 2011

Eric's many handmade bikes choppers - Part 1

"Hello  AtomicZombie. I'm very happy to contact you again. Want so show my 2011 bicycle projects and especially invite you to watch tintasangre5 you tube channel,to watch the bicycles' construction process.

CHOPPER16: Made with two BMX frames, and wheel 16". It was one of my first projects. One week of construction.

CHOPPER-RECUMBENTE: My first project, a very speedy bike, very comfortable and with good looking red line. Upgraded in 2011.

CLOWNBIKE: Used with my circus group. Made it in 2 days.

DOWNHILL-RECUMBENTE: I really put my effort to create a very special and diferent speed recumbent bike for use in road downhill, or gravity sports. One month and half to design and build it.

MONOBAIK: This was my second project,the mountainbike version of an antique bicycle. Upgraded this year with a new look and components. Gave her a new pretty face!