Friday, July 24, 2009

Warrior Tadpole Trike Build - progress!

After looking at dozens of high performance tadpole trikes, an image of want I want has finally come into focus. Although it will probably look mostly unique, there are a few things I plan to have...

- Disc brakes on all wheels
- Under seat steering
- 36 hole 20 inch front wheels, 36 hole 26 inch rear wheel
- a mesh sling seat

I have also come up with a way to dampen road shock at the rear of the frame that does not require suspension.

So after 2 days, I have the rear and main boom complete, so I am able to sit on my temporary seat and pedal.

After several tests, I have come up with a very simple way to use 20mm hubs with disc brakes on a tadpole trike without needed any machined parts at all. It uses an easy to align (for Ackermann) tab system much like the StreetFighter, and only needs a pair of 5/8 bolts and some spacer tubing.

This keeps it safe, robust, easy to align, and best of all.... inexpensive!

In the photo, you can see the bolt through the hub, although I will be using a fine thread with locknuts and probably a hex head for that professional look.

I start on the steering parts tomorrow, and hope to have a rolling frame over the weekend!

So far the frame is based on 1/2 marauder and 1/2 DeltaWolf.