Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Garage visitor approves of latest Atomic Zombie bike project

First, the seagull last week took an interest in our photo and video shoots of the Voyageur Long Wheel Base Recumbent. Then, yesterday, Brad was visited by a new feline friend checking out the garage and his work on the latest long wheel base recumbent bike. He stayed around for a few hours, and enjoyed some attention from us, but he didn't like the grinder, so off he went looking for another adventure.

This soon-bo-be-named bike is kind of like a fusion between Voyageur and my old HamerHead trike. It's not a speed machine, but good for visibility and winter riding. This LWB tadpole new trike is perfect for winter driving, and can be built without using any special front axles.

If all goes well, it should be painted today and online this weekend. Stay tuned.