Thursday, September 24, 2009

TriCruiser Recumbent Trike 100% done!

A long wheelbase, under seat steering, suspended tadpole that uses standard front wheels.

The goal here was a trike that would be great for winter workouts, so it has a higher seating position, narrow track, and the LWB configuration makes it easy to add a front wind break as well as keeping most traction to the rear wheel where it will count. Front skates or skis would also be easy to add.

The steering has no wheel scrub, and the rear suspension is very smooth.
This trike is also extremely easy to build as it uses only the most common cycle components.

This is a fusion of my original "HammerHead Winter Trike" and the new Voyager LWB. Plan to follow in a few days! Videos and final glory shots tomorrow.