Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Atomic Zombie fan from Finland

We get some pretty cool emails from folks all over the world. Recently, Fredrik, who lives near Helsinki, Finland, sent us a message about his bike projects and why he loves being an Atomic Zombie.

"Hi to all my Atomic Zombie friends around the world. My name is Fredrik and I live in Finland. I am 28 years old. I build bikes all my life. Some choppers, some recumbents and some tandems. I ride a bike every day to work. I use my bikes all the time because it's too expensive here to drive cars.

I found your site over three years ago when I saw a picture of Brad on that tall bike from years ago (the World Record SkyCycle). I am on the forum many times almost every day learning more about the bikes you build and what other people are making. It is very inspiring to someone like me who doesn't have much money, but likes to make stuff himself.

My favorites are the choppers and trikes that Atomic Zombie makes. I like the Overkill chopper, and Warrior and Deltawolf bikes the best. Mine aren't that good yet, but I am learning more thanks to you and the great people on the forum.

I just wanted to say thanks for all the things you do for guys like me who like bikes. My next bike will be like the Warrior trike, so I will send you some pictures when it's done. I like how you make the plans and all the pictures, so anyone like me can build them. I love being an Atomic Zombie! You are the best."

Your friend, Fredrik"

Thanks, Fredrik!