Friday, November 13, 2009

NEW - DIY Night Vision Camera

So, the winter is setting in, time to set our sights on our electronics projects for awhile. The garage is officially closed now to bike building.
We recently launched a new Do-It-Yourself instant download plan for all of you electronics hobbyists. We know you're out there! This is the first of many electronics plans that we will be releasing over the next year.

This easy-to-build Night Vision Viewer lets you see deep into the night without detection. This covert system can light up a room as if you were using a flashlight, yet only you will be able to see the light. The performance of this Night Vision Viewer is as good as some commercially available night vision systems that cost a lot more. Using invisible infrared light, the Night Vision Viewer can see in 100% darkness, indoors and outdoors, and will run from a battery pack for several hours.

The covert Night Vision Viewer can also be used to detect other night vision systems or as a jammer to hide your face to most security cameras. Another interesting effect of the Night Vision system is referred to as "X-Ray Vision", which allows the user to see through certain materials (including clothing) that may be opaque to infrared light. If covert surveillance or countermeasures is your game, then this is one piece of equipment you will definitely want in your spy gear arsenal.
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