Thursday, February 18, 2010

Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines March 2010 Newsletter

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Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines
March 2010 Newsletter

Check out this month's features:

Terminator Chopper Build - Part 2

The second part in a series showing the Terminator Chopper Build step-by-step.

Garage News

What we're doing to stay warm and new stuff we're working on. Another new AZ adventure recently launched.

Builders Gallery

More awesome additions to the gallery - choppers, recumbents, trikes, tall bikes, lowracers, and more. The gallery is nearing 1,000 entries!

Bike Building Memories

A hearwarming submission by an Atomic Zombie Krew member reminiscing about auctions, yard sales and building bikes with his dad, and passing wisdom to future generations.

Australian Students' StreetFox Racing Trike
A class builds and races an Atomic Zombie trike, and is now setting its sights on a Warrior Racing Trike build for an upcoming competition.

Meet an AZ Krew Member
A new featuring profiling some of our AZ building community. Be a part of this informative adventure.

Tools for Newbies
An informative article on must-have tools for beginners.

StreetFox-Warrior trike electric hybrid
An AZ Krew member embarks on a bike building journey to transform a trike into a sleek electric machine.

Don't forget to send in a picture of your completed bike projects to the Builders Gallery.


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