Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bike builder feedback

"I purchased three of your plans a couple of days ago - the Warrior, StreetFighter Quad and the StreetFox.  I wish that I had these several years ago when I built my first recumbent trike. Your plans are much better than blueprints and/or CAD.  

"In my first attempt to build a trike I used three junk 20" bicycles and some electrical conduit, that beast weighed in at a whopping 65 lbs. My second trike was built using two new WalMart bikes and round 1 1/4" 4130 chromoly tubing, it only weighs 45 lbs. 

"I plan on starting a StreetFox trike shortly.  I really like your concept of using either 'junk' bike parts or off the shelf bike parts. Glad that I was able to find your website." 

~ Winston, bike builder and AZ forum member

Thanks, Winston. Glad to have another positive thinker and creative member of our growing community.