Update: As of 10 April 2011: In December 2010 we left for Arizona and I took the Oz-Kat with me. While in Arizona I rode almost everyday (about 5 miles a day); I put over 500 miles on while there and was even in the Christmas Parade for the RV Park. While in the parade I discovered why I was having trouble with all of the start/stop action that was going on – the gear I was starting in was too high. I dropped to a lower gear and that ended the problem for me (other than the other participants seem to want to stop and partake of refreshments on every other camp site), but all and all it was a fun time with a lot of friends with their golf carts and other friends on bikes and trikes.

I talked to several people about the Oz-Kat and the Atomic Zombie way of doing things. Two people told me they were going to order plans. I only hope that they follow through.

I MUST AGAIN say a special THANK YOU to Brad and Kate for having such a fun and informing hobby and site. I have enjoyed every minute that I ride my LWB Oz-Kat. I will continue to direct people to your site.