Sunday, July 31, 2011

The TimberWolf Recumbent Trike is on the Loose!

Here's the latest Atomic Zombie bikes - the TimberWolf Recumbent Trike. Brad has spent a few weeks designing and building it in interesting conditions (see our newsletters), especially the intense heat. 

In true Atomic Zombie form, Brad used minimal tools and workspace (a rotting construction trailer), trudged up and down a hill to his temporary welder site, and once again showed that anyone can build a handmade bike.

The TimberWolf combines the agile and speedy characteristics of a racing trike, along with the comfort and practicality of a shopping trike to bring you the best of both worlds. Having a seat height of around 16 inches gives the TimberWolf a good stance for urban traffic yet allows for some very agile handling characteristics with the ability to take corners at a much higher speed than what would be possible on an upright delta trike.

The TimberWolf also includes rear suspension with a cargo area behind the pilot’s seat, allowing fragile objects to be carried without risk of damage.

Getting up close and personal with the Timberwolf for an upcoming video. Should be online this week. Stay tuned here and to the Builders Forum for announcements.

Almost all of the components needed to build the TimberWolf can be purchased as inexpensive common bicycle parts at just about any bike shop and the main frame is made out of standard mild steel tubing. The rear wheels are also standard bicycle rims laced around a set of easy to make hubs that cost only a few dollars to build, so you will not have to spend a lot of money on specialized or difficult to find rear wheels or parts.

The completed TimberWolf rear wheels and axle sets are actually lighter and stronger than what can be found on most of the expensive production delta trikes, which allows heavier loads to be carried as well as allowing the pilot to have more fun around the corners.

Our dog likes the goodies in the cargo box, especially the bread and peanut butter!

This plan will take you through every step of the build process with detailed photos, using methods of construction that allow alternate parts or design ideas to be used with less risk or error. As with all Atomic Zombie DIY plans, read the entire plan before purchasing any materials so you can decide if you want to modify the design or use alternative components you may already have on hand.

There will be no strict “materials list” or “cut list” given here since reading the plan over before starting your build will address all of the materials and components needed. Don’t be afraid to try your own design modifications as there is plenty of room to alter the plan along the way, and if you are unsure about an idea, drop by our Builder’s Forum and toss out your idea for discussion.

Plan will be online this week. Stay tuned to the forum and here for announcements!