Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tourmaster Build - Atomic Zombie builders forum

"I'm getting back into bicyles after a 20+ years. I'm now about half way through a Tourmaster build. Everything is going pretty well and it is now time to start thinking of tires and tubes.

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The TourMaster is an extremely comfortable long wheelbase recumbent cycle made for commuting, long tours, or just getting out enjoying nature. Because the rider sits in a reclined adjustable high back seat, you will enjoy both the ride and the scenery without straining your neck or bottom. The TourMaster is a unique long wheelbase recumbent design, as it includes a linked steering system to place the handlebars in a very relaxed and natural position. The TourMaster is a rock solid performer and offers a super smooth ride due to the dual 26 inch wheels.

The TourMaster is a very easy bike to build, requiring only two scrap bicycle frames and the usual cycle components, so anyone with a welder, grinder and a bit of patience can build their own high quality recumbent cycle in a few days. There are no machined parts used, no hard-to-find bicycle components. You can use practically any type and style of cycle parts you like. The adjustable seat allows riders of any size to fit the cycle, and you could even make a smaller version for the younger cyclists using kid's bike frames.

Cruising along on a laid back and comfortable recumbent cycle feels so good that you will forget that you are getting fit at the same time. Even the unseasoned cyclist will have no problem riding the TourMaster for hours since it was designed around your body, not forcing you into an unnatural riding position. Recumbent cycles are the way to go. Once you feel how comfortable cycling can be, you will be "bent" for life!