Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bob's handmade Marauder recumbent lowracer

"Brad & Kat, Here is the picture (I promised a month ago) of my MarauderII . Paint is Florescent Green & trimmed in Black.  A UFO rear tail light I even added a kick stand (frame mounted).

I have a squeaky horn that is a green alien to mount on the handle bars. It was there, but I had taken it off and the family said, "PUT IT BACK ON!" I lost, therefore. it's go'n back on - LOL.

Thanks for checking out my build! It is My favorite bike to ride & it REALLY turns heads! Cool stuff! If I had only had one back in the 70s when I was younger!

Best Regards, Bob Hitchcock AKA" Sod buster"

(Sod buster; Slang term used for early KS settlers in the early 1800s on the KS plains. They cut Sod to make their homes. No wood, very little trees growing anywhere . Just grass,Wild  Buffalo and lime stone & the plains Indians!)

Wow, Bob, you're sure a busy guy! Thanks for sharing.

our own Marauder recumbent