Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weight bench bike in France

"Greetings from central France. I originally hail from the north of Scotland so no jokes about garlic and onions on the cycle, please!

Anyway, I have been recycling bikes for years and keep myself going in France by selling recycled bikes at markets. There is not much of a skip around these areas, so when a weights bench turned up, it was hauled straight into the van. 

The picture is indoors due to lovely weather, and, yes, there is still a bit of work to do. Incidentally, it's all nuts and bolts at the moment. Will weld it up when totally happy with end result.

Any comments or constructive criticism gratefully received as this is my first attempt at mutant mechanics.

Happy building. Simon."

Looking great so far, Simon. Using parts of a weight bench is genius! Join the Atomic Zombie Builders Forum and tell the community all about your recycled bike. You'll get a lot of help and suggestions from our friendly community. Merci beaucoup!