Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bicycle wheel building and truing tutorial

3 Cross Wheel Lacing

This wheel lacing tutorial will show you how to take apart a 36 spoke 3-cross wheel and then put it back together again. Never built your own bicycle wheels? No problem. Thanks to AtomicZombie's latest tutorial, you will learn how to spoke and true your own bicycle wheels affordably. No experience is necessary.

Our wheel building tutorial has high quality pictures and 17 videos detailing the process step-by-step. You asked for this tutorial and AtomicZombie delivers! 

Table of Contents:
  •     Identifying Parts
  •     Removing The Spokes
  •     The First 9 Spokes
  •     The Key Spoke Location
  •     The Crossing Spokes
  •     The Other Side
  •     Other Crossing Spokes
  •     Truing The Wheel
  •     Final Wheel Truing
Here's an excerpt of our tutorial:

"This tutorial will show you how to remove all of the spokes in a wheel and then reinstall them in the common 3-cross lacing pattern. This tutorial will also demonstrate some of the techniques used to true the wheel after it has been put back together. To follow along, you will need a wheel of any diameter with 36 spokes and a sharp flat head screwdriver. 

The 3-cross lacing pattern is the most commonly used wheel lacing pattern, and it will yield a strong wheel that will work well on both a 2 wheel cycle as well as a trike or quadcycle. Building a wheel from scratch is not a difficult job; it just requires some careful counting and patience. Your first try may take several hours, but once you memorize the lacing pattern, you will be able to build up your own wheels in less than an hour from start to finish. Learning to lace your own wheels is both cost effective and fun, so grab a wheel, lean back, and enjoy this tutorial." More >>