Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bike building addicts

When you start building bikes, it becomes an addiction. Most builders can't seem to just build only one project. We bike freaks love to build stuff.

This is the case of member "cjjunkie" who has a real passion for making bikes and trikes of all sizes. Here are some of his handmade rides and some happy riders who are all smiles about their rides:

Captain America tall bike - I now fly a flag off the back on a 10 foot mast.

Hammerhead trike - Built for a local girl with Cerebral Palsy who couldn't ride a normal bike.

 Birthday trike - The best presents are handmade.

 Bikefest ride - One of the Owosso, MI, Bikefest rides.

Cinco de Mayo - From the Saginaw, MI, Cinco de Mayo parade.

Cool bus - The youngest gets picked up every day from school on this (picture is about 3 years old). It's painted black and yellow now.

Great stuff and thanks for sharing. We hope that your creativity will inspire others to take up this rewarding hobby.

You can upload pictures of your own bike pictures to the Atomic Zombie builders gallery - free! Check out all of the great bikes, trikes, recumbents, choppers, motorized bikes, kids' bikes, tall bikes and fun rides. See you there.