Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arcturus Human and Solar Powered Motorhome site launched

Since this is an ongoing project that many people have expressed an interest in following, we decided to devote a web site just to the Arcturus Human and Solar Powered Motorhome.

Brad hopes to do some work on it every month, time permitting, and have most of the main frame and transmission done this year.

If all goes well, we hope to have the fairing done in 2010, then work on the interior. It will be a bit of an investment, so will have to budget this one carefully. The main reason we want an HPV-solar motorhome is for camping and short trips in our region to enjoy the outdoors. Since we had to part with our Duct Tape Palace tent trailer this year due to its deteriorating canvas, we have to take our tents to campsites.

Arcturus will be an engineering feat for us, and a practical vehicle that will run on human, solar and an electric power assist motor. We can only work on it from time-to-time because it takes up so much room in the garage. Updates of the project will be posted as soon as they become available, so stay tuned.