Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tennessee bike builder says thanks

An email from John of White House, Tennessee:

“Hey Brad and Kat. The pictures attached are of my lowracer. Your Marauder plans were a Christmas gift from my wife, and great to work from. I worked in my garage on the weekends a few hours at a time starting in late February. This is my first bicycle build, and I can't wait to start another. I started with two donor bikes — an old mountain bike, and a BMX bike. I have a small mig-welder, hand held angle grinder with a cutting wheel, grinding wheel, and a couple of sanding discs. I took my time, and I am very happy with the my new bike. I really enjoyed this project. This bike is great, fast too. I love riding it! Everywhere I take it people are drawn to it. I'm looking forward to the "Tri-Warrior Racing Tadpole" plans. Can’t wait to see these pics on the Builders Gallery page!!! Thanks, John ( jmmj ).”

Thanks, John, for your email. Your Marauder looks great! Congrats on accomplishing your first AZ project. We hope to see more!

John's Marauder and more cool bike projects can be seen at the Builders Gallery