Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Warrior Racing Trike Success!

After almost 10 tries at getting the steering exactly the way I want, the battle was finally won.

Using the StreetFox Ackermann design (I knew that had zero scrub), I tied into the WildKat under seat steering parts.

It still took 4 attempts to get this to work the way I wanted, which was...

- Perfect Ackermann steering with zero tire scrub. I have also heard about this "we wanted tire scrub to slow down our trike in corners" thing, but honestly, I find it to be a flaw. Brakes are for slowing down, not worn tires. I know, I am picky!

- Steering must move to the full range of motion before lockout evenly. This was extremely difficult to archive. Having the control arms parallel to each other actually caused a massive imbalance to one side.

- Handlebars must sit perfectly where the hands drop, not some awkward locked elbow stretch, or uncomfortable bend. They are also adjustable.

- There must be room for the chain under the seat!

So here is what I ended up with:

The first small photo shows how far off from parallel the two control arms are from one another (white lines). This is what took the longest to find, and required many cuts, re-welds, and new control arms. I wasn't going to give up until the two front wheels made the same angle of turn as the handlebars moved left and right. Parallel gave a decent amount of turn, but on one side, lockout occurred at almost 3 inches (15-20 degrees) more.

The head tube control arm is also 1/2 inch longer than the wheel arm to introduce some mechanical advantage, which gives a bit more stability and kind of a "power steering" feel.

The last two small photos show how the wheels move to the maximum lockout equally compared to the handlebars for left and right turns.

Tomorrow I add the chain and brakes, so it's smooth sailing from here!

We are heading to camp for a week on Friday, so The Warrior plan will probably be released mid-August.

Thanks for all of he comments and input - it's been a lot of fun so far!