Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Service disruptions due to winter storms

Christmas was an interesting and trying time for many folks in the Great White North and parts of the United States with blustery winds, snow, ice, rain and frigid temperatures.

Yes, there were power failures and service disruptions in many parts of the North America, including us. Over two feet of snow, drifting snow that blocked roads and sidewalks, temperatures in the -30s and -40s, yep we had it all.

That's why some of us garage hackers have to hold off on bike building until spring. Sometimes we can't even get into the garage because there's too much snow in the yard!

So, it's no wonder that some of you may have noticed a bit of a disruption on the main Atomic Zombie web site over a few days last week while crews worked tirelessly to restore services. Thanks to those dedicated folks, the downtime was minimal. It could have been much worse. Thanks for your patience during those few days of frustration. Everything seems to be working OK.