Friday, July 23, 2010

Marauder recumbent lowracer build blog - builders forum

I've been out giving this bike a good testing and will do a report in due course.

I'm finding a few minor things I need to do. One of these was to adjust the pedal position out a bit. Easily done. Another is to alter the handlebar's. I'm not quite satisfied but can't yet decide what I want to do. I want to lower them but then they need to be closer to miss my knees and they are too close anyway for my liking. Decisions decisions.

One decision I had to make was what to do about the long length of chain flopping about and the noise from the chain guide (ie., derailleur), No matter what I did it would rub or move because I had it mounted with the guide pulley bolt.

This all came to a head when one of the little idlers disintegrated while out on a ride. I don't think burning off roadies had anything to do with it but maybe it was the punishment for that.

Anyway I decided to go with simplicity and use a chain tube. I've had good luck with them.
The photos shows the result. It is quiet, doesn't seem to rob any detectable power and has stopped the chain shaking all over the place. I think it is a considerable improvement on what I had before and looks a lot neater.

~  John Lewis

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The Marauder is a lean and mean racing machine guaranteed to make you feel as though you are piloting a human powered jetfighter! The Marauder is a chameleon, with the ability to adapt to the cycle track, as well as the urban landscape. Because of the long wheelbase and smooth suspension, the Marauder offers a very smooth and well-behaved ride on practically any style of terrain.

The Marauder is a great way to get an intense workout and show off your building skills. Because the design is based on common bicycle parts, you won't crash your budget, and can be riding it in a few weekends. There is plenty of room for modifications, and the Marauder makes a great platform for experimenting with aerodynamic fairings or electric power.

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