Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family cargo bike from New Zealand - uber cool!

 "Good evening (local time)!  I'm sending some photos of our DIY cargo bike, if they are of interest for your builders' gallery.

It's made of:

• Back wheel and triangle: Raleigh Sportster lugged frame (already bent before hacking)
• Front wheel, fork and steering head: Raleigh 20 (ditto)
• Frame mid section: Steel tube chosen to fit head bearing races
• Box mounts: Steel shelf framing (Dexion)
• Box: 12mm (½ inch) plywood

The bike is built to ferry granddaughter Princess Bee about - and also because I wanted such a bike. Bee is now 18 months old and loves riding in it.

The box is semi-structural; it is rubber-mounted to the rear steering tube. The welding is done with low pressure oxy-acetylene because that is what we have.

*We are now working on a longtail box bike loosely inspired by the Madsen bike, for the Princess's cousin and his parents.

Thank you for the bike-hacking inspiration in your website!

(* "We" = Princess Bee and I. Construction goes faster when she doesn't help, but with loss of educational opportunity and bonding time.)

Regards, Neville Whitlock, Petone (near Wellington), New Zealand"

Thanks for sending us the pictures, Neville and family. Cargo bikes are definitely becoming more popular. Our Flying Dutchman (DIY plan to be launched online tonight) is a versatile cargo bike with a special kickstand and cargo bay. Cheers from our family to yours.