Saturday, August 14, 2010

Uncle Fred's 3 wheeled Morgan gopher three wheel car

AZ Krew Guru

My friend, Uncle Fred, is making a three wheeled electric drive gopher, based on the Morgan Three-wheel car.

He is using 24V sealed lead acid batteries 12V x 2 40Ah
Motor for transmission is 900W from an electric lawnmower.
Controller is 4QD
Motor runs at 3000 Rpm driving vari-drive 6:1 ex 50cc scooter through a 14:1 reduction box driving the 16" rear wheel.
Slow gear is approx. 9 kph & flat out is approx. 60 kph.

Side Views

Front View

Steering rack, taken off a car motor flywheel, and straigthened!

Front Suspension

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