Monday, November 22, 2010

A new Warrior tadpole trike hits the streets - Atomic Zombie builders gallery

"Greetings. I've been lurking for a while during my build but now I'm happy to announce another warrior has hit the streets. I finally finally finished painting my Warrior about a week ago, got it back together a couple of days ago. Color is basic red with black trip pieces, 18 speed, Shimano derailleurs, three wheel disk brakes (mechanical), and because of my lordosis and kyphosis I made the seat back and shoulder rests adjustable. All welding has been done with TIG.

Since I have a lathe and small mill in the shop accurate cuts and making round pieces were not an issue. All steering linkages and hardware is aircraft grade AN type fasteners and washers, round tubing is 4130, and rod ends are aircraft grade as well. I used 1/2" O.D. tube for the steering linkages with threaded inserts welded into the ends. Most of the bike components came from "junkers". The front wheels (20") are Terra-Trike units with the 20mm axle diameters. I made aluminum bushings to reduce to the 5/8" grade 8 axle bolts. The rear wheel is for a mountain bike, bought it and the disk brakes from Crosslake Sales out of Crosslake, MN. Seat foam came from the local foam store - black 1-1/2" thick closed cell.

The trike really hauls on the level and down hill, but as any recumbent it looses on the uphill climbs, no problem for me.

The trike really gets a lot of looks and several have asked where I "bought it". Just thought I'd let you all know another Warrior is out and about. Enjoy!"

~ Cloudchaser4, AZ Krew Member