Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks from a new builder - Atomic Zombie builders forum

Re-Builder, AZ Krew Member

"Hey. Thanks for the kind words. The jigs are fairly simple and made with scraps lying around. It helps to have a few woodworking tools around. For the crank jig, a chunk of 2 x 6 cut at the angle specified in the plans (56 degrees?).

If you draw it 1st on paper/workbench then you can figure the angle on the chop saw. run the angled part down on a table saw with the blade set approx. 1/4 " high. set the fence to cut down the middle. as long as you are close is ok. Flip piece and run through again- now you have a cut in the center. lower blade to 1/8"- repeat both sides with the the fence moved away from blade approximately 1/8" (blade width). this allows a pipe to sit snugly in a jig."

"Greetings from cold Canada. Happy Thanksgiving to the south. Just saw the "jigs" thread and found it helpful. Made a couple of simple jigs to weld the tabs on the front wheel castors and then one for welding the front booms at 90 degrees to the same castors (pics for this one not downloaded yet). For the angle of the tabs I drew the wheel on my bench with the center of the hub extending out from the wheel. measure where the tab is on your wheel and draw this on the bench. From the looks of holding the castor on the wheel, the tab seemed to come about 1/2 way on the castor( fork stem).

Draw a line from the center of the tire drawing to the outside top of the tab and on. this is the center of your castor. measure the angle and cut a chunk of 2 x 4 to hold the tab and castor. To make the pipe fit the jig follow table saw instructions from last post.

Any other good ideas for a jig to hold the booms in alignment to the main frame?"

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