Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World Wide New Years Day Ride

AZ Krew Guru


Freakbike Nation memo ......
Last year KrusherZ and a few of his Florida Freaks decided to do a New Years day ride that was affectionately called the “Freakbike Militia Nation-wide AssPuckerRide“. It looked like a lot of fun and many of you seemed interested in doing something similar in your areas.

Well this year with Krusher’s approval, the FreakBike Nation would like to encourage anyone who might be interested to get out and ride on New Years Day!

This is open to anyone who has a bike, trike or unicycle! You can ride as a group or all by your lonesome, a few feet or a hundred miles, a minute after midnight on January 1st or a few minutes before January 2nd begins! The choice is yours, just get out and support KrusherZ’s Ass Pucker Ride!

This is NOT limited to just FreakBike members. We would love to have any and all other bicycle clubs join in on the fun! Cruisers, roadies, mountainbikers, etc. Help support Krusher’s need to pucker!

All styles of bicycles are welcome, but custom built bikes are what we do best! You got all winter to fix any damage the icy roads will do!

Everyone who decides to participate is responsible for their own safety and the actions that may occur while riding. KrusherZ, The FreakBike Nation, ”Chainsaw” Jim Johnson or any of the FreakBike Militias and their members will NOT be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur. Practice safe riding techniques and be aware of the conditions of your surroundings. Also be aware that many people may be returning home from a long night of partying. Remember that riding your bike drunk is the same as driving your car! You could get ticketed or worse!

For anyone who would like to post the times and meeting place for an KrusherZ’s AssPucker Ride 2011, you can either post it on the FreakBike Nation board (www.freakbikenation.com) in the section, “Where to get your ass puckered” or send me the info (chainsaw@freakbikenation.com) and I’ll get it posted for you. Please include your clubs name if you have any and try to give an idea of the length of the ride and anything else that may be of use to potential riders. You WILL have to be a member for you to post on the board.

On December 31st we’ll set up a section on www.freakbikenation.com to post your pics, tell your stories and join in on the fun of seeing how others enjoyed their Ass Pucker

If you would like to check out KrusherZ’s Freakbike Militia Nation-wide "AssPucker"Ride from last year it can be found here ....

At this point in time you will have to become a FreakBike Nation member to view the board. We hope to get the board straightened out so that anyone can view it. But if you want to post on the board, you’ll have to become a member no matter what.

If you have any questions you can send me an email at:

Please consider joining us for one hell of a good time!
“Chainsaw” Jim Johnson

P.S. If any of you would rather start a section on A.Z. on any other board to post the stories and pics of your New years Day ride, could you please at least send me a link or links to such places.

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