Monday, December 12, 2011

An exquisite evening sky!

Yesterday was surprisingly mild for this time of year, so we took advantage of the decent temperature to have an outdoor fire on our front yard and enjoy the evening sky with some hot dogs and hot chocolate, spiked with some early Christmas cheer.   :-)

The stars were out, twinkling around the Milky Way and the moon rose bright with a halo. It's been so bright these past few nights that we can see for miles in all directions, sometimes making it difficult to sleep.

Kat keeps the fire going as the moon rises in the east. The Milky Way was so bright last night, but our pictures didn't turn out very well. These are the best shots. The wolves have been howling for many days in a row, as well as shrieks from an unknown creature nearby. All kinds of strange and interesting sounds out here in the boonies.


Here comes the moon! Jet stream from a passing airline streaks across the sky. The stars and moons were bright and colorful. And to think, we missed all of this glorious scenery for so many years while living in the city. Too bad we missed the lunar eclipse Saturday night. Oh well, another one will occur in three years and we'll still be here.