Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stolen recumbent tandem trike

"The two-seater was stolen. The other trike is what I ride now.

I used two children's bike frames and an adult bike.  Simple to make and the parts can be replaced with regular bicycle parts. 

The steering isn't quite right though and that is the only drawback.

Sincerely, Keith Guthmiller"

Sorry to hear that the tandem trike was ripped off, Keith. You did such a great job and attention to details it was probably very tempting for someone to steal it. Good thing you took pictures and have a back up recumbent ride. 

Maybe someone will see the picture online and recognize the tandem as being stolen. Where are you located?

Atomic Zombies - you have a mission. Let's spread the word and the picture to get Keith's tandem returned to its rightful owner.