Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bike choppers in Costa Rica - AtomicZombie gallery

"Hello again Atomic Zombie from Costa Rica!

Success for You and All Bike Builders in this enigmatic 2012!

Want to show my new projects,and invite you again,to check Tintasangre5 YouTube channel.

Thanks for your Web and AZTV channel. Lot of Inspiration!!!!

These are 2011 last projects:

This bike took some days of design, trying to be careful with accurate measures and angles. Most parts of handlebar, fork and frame are built from zero.

Created with spiked geometry,looking for a different kind of chopper.

This is my first tricycle;tried the experiment with front-wheel drive. Added a pair of BMX pegs for use in 90 degree turns, or stand up riding.

New 2012 bike projects coming. Will send pictures. Best Regards! Tintasangre dise├▒osobreruedas"

Beautiful bikes, Tintasangre. We look forward to seeing more of your homebuilt choppers. All the best to you and your family.