Monday, January 16, 2012

UK upright chopper bike

"Hi Brad and Kat.

Finished and now riding my latest chopper. The bike parts were in the main free. Paid for a Brooks saddle and mudguards and crank, then new cables but even so the final spend is probably still than £120 which will just buy you an entry level mountain bike (without the really comfortable seat).

Whilst out with two friends on their mountain bikes today, they both had a go and loved the more upright riding position. I had a bit of trouble getting it back!

New Years resolution is to finish the quad (two wheel ratchet drive and good ground clearance for the derailleur) picture also attached. It is close, but I'm not happy with the handle bar positions, and a bit limited in options given the narrow track, but it will be finished for sure.

A work in progress quadcycle.

As always finding the website a real inspiration.

Regards, Tim Fox (aka go1000go in the AZ forum) based in the UK"

Affordable DIY bike plans.