Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August was a busy month!

We are already in the last full week of the month, and it seems like we've been constantly on the go with new plans, and new stuff. Some of you are on holidays, and may not know what's been going on in the Atomic Zombie world.

So, here's an overview of what's been going on:

Greetings fellow Atomic Zombie krew and bike hackers!

** September 2009 newsletter **
The latest Atomic Zombie newsletter is now online at:

This month's features include:
* Warrior Racing Trike - NEW PLAN!
* Garage News
* Strip a Free Hub
* Painting with Cloth
* Green Handlebars
* Builders Gallery
* Midwest Bike Fest
* Murphy's Moments
* Builders Reports - CycleBully and SWB Recumbent
* Freak Bikers Invade
* Jay's LodeRunner

** Builders Gallery updated **
There are 21 more additions to the Atomic Zombie family - choppers, SWB recumbents, lowracers, quads, trikes, tandems and crazy fun bikes. There are now more than 670 entries in the gallery. Keep up the great work, everybody!

** T-shirts, Sigg water bottles, stickers, hats and more! **
We keep getting requests to get more stickers and shirts made, but it costs too much for us to get a bunch done and ship out, so we teamed up with Cafe Press to offer a variety of goods - T-shirts, mugs, Sigg water bottles, bumper stickers, decals, BBQ aprons.

More product lines will be available within the next two weeks. There will also be black shirts and more T-shirts for all of you chopper, tandem, trike, tall bike and electric vehicle folks available in two weeks. We've tried to come up with designs to suit a variety of interests and styles: bike builders and riders, garage hackers, tall bikes, recumbents, choppers, trikes, tandems, electric bikes, etc.Check out what we have so far. We welcome your suggestions. Thanks. .

** Take the newsletter survey - you might win! **
Please take a few moments to complete the survey and help us gather feedback to improve the newsletter with content our readers want to see. You can qualify to win a prize! Sorry, it's not a vacation package, money or luxury items, but merely a token of our appreciation for participating.

More information on the survey is posted on the Support Forum. .

To contribute to the monthly newsletter, please contact KoolKat through the Support Forum. Submit your story ideas by the 20th of each month. See you in the forum!

Cheers, friends.
Atomic Zombie (Brad)
KoolKat (Kathy)

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