Monday, August 10, 2009

Warrior Racing Trike Update

OK, we are well rested from a week at the cottage, although the weather wasn't very good and the fishing was so-so. The biggest fish was a 5-lb pickerel (walleye), followed by a 3.5 lb large mouth bass. Good eating! Too bad we wore sweat shirts and pants most of the time due to wind and cold temps. Only went swimming in the lake once since it was so cold. The mosquitoes weren't too bad, though. They probably died off quickly because of the cold temps.

We took the LodeRunner 2 and E-Style Electric BMX with us. Had a blast touring around town and rural roads. E-Style was a big hit with the teens.

Brad plans to finish up the Warrior this week, including painting. We hope to have the plan done later this week and videos for Warrior, LodeRunner 2 and E-Style Electric BMX this weekend.