Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Canada's First Active Transportation Conference - June 3

Release by Vélo Québec Association

MONTREAL, QC – Vélo Québec Association invites its active transportation partners and community stakeholders from across Quebec and Canada to the country's first rendezvous in Montreal, June 3, 2010.

Slated to attend the On the Move in the Community! conference: urban planning professionals, public health and education practitioners, municipal and community representatives working on active transportation issues, as well as academics and consultants.

The conference will bring together 40 local and international speakers and specialists. These experts in the field will present winning formulas that have proven successful in public awareness campaigns and cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly urban planning endeavors.

The following day, Friday June 4, a series of special workshops and practical field trips will include information about the latest active transportation initiatives, from access to schools, to urban design ideas that facilitate walking and cycling in our neighborhoods.

On the Move in the Community!
Date: June 3, 2010
Location: Holiday Inn Select, Montreal, QC

About Vélo Québec
Although Vélo Québec is best known over the past 43 years as a cycling advocate for fun and for travel purposes (la Route verte), it has also made its mark since 2004 in the active transportation field. Its On the Move to School! program aims to reduce dependence on the automobile and promote walking, cycling and other forms of active transportation between home and school. The On the Move in the Community! initiative calls on municipalities to commit to planning and developing cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly environments.