Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More recumbents, choppers, trikes, tandems and tall bikes added

Added some more recumbents, choppers, tandems, trikes, tall bikes, kids' bikes and fun bikes to the Builders Gallery. Here are some of the recent entries:

Hi everyone! I have had this bike finished for several months and have put nearly 800 miles on it thus far. Works great very comfortable! Best regards, Michael Schuckel

 For your Builder's Gallery - "Tandems".  I fabricated this custom tandem out of a '36 Schwinn ladies frame. Notice the skip-tooth drive and double chain guard.  Thanx for your website. Atomic Zombie ROCKS!  Regards, Craig

 Little beast that I have just finished building. Don’t look too close, you’ll see all its warts.
Haven’t given it a name, but old hot rods were the inspiration. 3 1/2 “ rear tyre ain’t easy to fit into an old mountain bike frame. Cheers, Ben Colyer