Thursday, June 9, 2011

Settling in to our homestead

We have arrived at the property with some limited Internet access, getting used to the great outdoors and simple living. It will take awhile for us to get organized and find some reliable Internet access, but in the meantime, still checking in on the forum and answering your questions when we can.

Weather has gone from very cold to very hot in a matter of days, some torrential rain, damaging winds, wicked lightning and warnings of possible hail and tornadoes. Interesting times living in a camper and tents when the wind is howling all around in the darkness.

Quite an experience brushing my teeth outside while the deer watch, having a shower using solar heated water in the shower tent watching blue jays and hummingbirds flying about. The bees busily pollinating the apple and Sasaktoon trees. Listening to the tales of our neighbors about the resident lynx, cougars, deer, bears, coyotes and timber wolves in the area.

We are surviving. It's going to be an interesting adventure. Bear with us while we make the transition during these months. The views and the wildlife are spectacular. We really have found where we belong and it's a great feeling.

One of our regular visitors.

KoolKat and Radical Brad